Shanya is the most common God worshiped in Arith, and is the chief deity in almost all kingdoms.

The worship of Shanya is almost a monotheistic one. There are a host of lesser gods and saints, but there must be noone above Shanya. Her followers are fervently suspicious towards other Gods and religions, especially the worship of Shekra and of the Animal Gods of Kormora.

As opposed to Ghormath and Zuul, Shanya is a kind God, although she holds his followers to high standards. The theology is based on justice and a very strong sense of right and wrong. Her followers are expected to strive for justice and are encouraged to forgive.

There is a huge clergy associated with the worship of Shanya, and one can find temples in her honor everywhere his influence is spread, Medianea is home to the most devoted of Shanya’s servants. Shanya’s temples are conspicuously free of ornamentation. They are supposed to reflect the pious and ascetic ideal she holds over his subjects. Shanya doesn’t need precious metals and elaborate ornaments in her honor. She wants dedication and prayer, not superfluous sacrifice; and she abhors the ritual of human sacrifice prevalent in many other Arithian religions.


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